Welcome to the inaugural virtual Crescendo Exhibition.

In what has been a year of difference, we are extremely proud to showcase the outstanding work that our students have completed while learning from home and within the school studio setting.  We hope you enjoy the work of our Visual Arts and Technology students from years 7-12. 




Opening address from the Principal,

Mr Roger Oates.


“The main thing is to be moved, to love, to hope, to tremble, to live.”  

Auguste Rodin

Artists create a commentary on the world we live in, they reflect our social conscience, they move us, they make us consider and introspect, they challenge us and establish our culture. 


The Crescendo Exhibition is a long standing tradition at Billanook College and this year marks its 25th year. Crescendo is a culmination of student work completed throughout the year.  Crescendo showcases excellence within the Art, Design, Media and Technology fields and is an opportunity for students to display their talents, passions and commentary about the world around them. We are immensely proud of the resilience of our students this year and we hope that you enjoy the work on display. Thanks is also extended to the dedicated staff who have assisted their students in realising their works.

Mark Roberts 

Learning Leader Visual Arts




Crescendo Awards for Excellence are offered in recognition of students who have made a valuable contribution to the Visual Arts and Technology Faculties, shown excellence in their individual artistic pursuit, overcome challenges to excel and are role models who show a unique passion for creativity.

Violet Hall

Violets dedication to the study of Art was at the top of the class.  She was passionate in her investigation of art history and culture.  She showed a sensitive appreciation of materials and techniques and has gone out of her way to pursue excellence in a difficult learning environment. Violet receives a Crescendo Award for Excellence in 2020 due to her contributions in creating a culture of excellence and leading by example.


Mary Hampton

Mary is a dedicated and passionate student of Media. This year she produced a short Musical Romance film inspired by  Truman Capote’s  “In Cold Blood” which celebrates love and being in the moment. Mary immersed herself in the film-making process and strove to achieve a level of excellence in all that she did. Mary receives a Crescendo Award for Excellence in 2020 which is very well deserved.


Brydon Westall

Brydon is a focussed and dedicated student of the Visual Arts. He was passionate in all that he attempted in the fields of Design and Media. Brydon created a Portfolio of Design solutions for an album "Past Times" and a heart-warming short film "After all this Time". Brydon made a strong and valuable contribution to the Visual Arts and was selfless in giving of his time to others. Brydon shows the true spirit of creativity and always striving to achieve his best. Brydon hopes to pursue a career in Film and Television in the future.


Rori van Huizen

Rori has shown strong dedication towards her studies in technology throughout her schooling at Billanook. Knowing exactly what she wants to achieve and with an incredible emphasis on research and development, Rori has produced a beautiful line of fine silver, natural timber, and resin jewellery using a combination of materials and processes that stretch across a number of technological disciplines. A master of self-sufficiency, Rori took it on board herself to seek advice and guidance from industry experts in her field, thereby ensuring that her end result mirrors the quality and professionalism of which you would find in the high-end boutique market. Well done on a fantastic school career in technology Rori, your work will provide inspiration for future students.


Luca North

Luca has made an immense contribution to the technology program over his years at Billanook. This year Luca developed a custom designed storage unit for his grandfather who suffers from dementia. With a heavy focus on ‘user centred design’ Luca explored multiple design options with a view to creating a product that will assist his grandfather in his every day life. Through a highly dedicated approach to his work and with a thoroughly comprehensive design folio to support his production, Luca won the subject award for Product Design and Technology this year. Looking to commence a course of study in Industrial Design at tertiary level next year, we wish Luca all the best.


Bailey Nathan

Bailey has demonstrated enormous dedication towards his work in technology throughout this year. Coming into his course of study with a very clear plan of what he wanted to develop and strong underlying reasoning why, Bailey set to work in designing and developing a custom made ute tray for his vehicle that incorporates transportation for his motorcycles. Very passionate about overall quality, Bailey demonstrated high levels of critical design thinking to ensure the end result mirrored the initial idea. With materials sourcing and complex pre-production procedures needing to happen off site, Bailey was instrumental in communicating with industry experts and suppliers in order to guarantee success. Whilst working remotely, Bailey was very quick to share his progress, offering regular and constant updates of his work. Demonstrating enormous personal development in technology this year, Bailey is able to drive away with a strong reminder of his hard work for years to come.

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